Strategic and Operational Performance Management

organizational development

Purpose of Training

  • To create a common language by explaining the concepts of performance and productivity in an interactive environment,
  • To learn performance management process, which will provide success in corporate development and growth, through application examples,
  • To teach the system set-up to allow structuring by relating corporate strategic dimensions, goals, strategic goals and business objectives and to improve the application skills of trainees.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to establish target-based performance evaluation system,
  • Ability to determine and position performance indicators for strategy and operation by size / purpose,
  • Ability to use competence and performance criteria in career management process,
  • Ability to identify, measure and evaluate behavior-based competencies and actions,
  • Interactive learning with cases based on different industry practices and experiences.

Content of the Program

*The First Day of the Education

  • Understanding Performance and Productivity Management Concepts
  • Performance Management and Its Sphere of Influence
  • Performance Management System Criteria and Basic Data Used
  • Participatory Performance Management Process
    • Organizational Development Aspects and Objectives
    • Organizational Strategic Goals
    • Business Objectives
  • Determination of Performance Indicators and Their Stages
    • Objective and Target Elements
    • Appropriate Indicator and Target Assignment Criteria
    • Things to Do for Avoiding Possible Errors

*The Second Day of the Education

  • Competency Modeling, Business Analysis - Business Families; Behavior Based Competency Glossary
    • Technical Competence / Key Task Rating Scale
    • Performance / Behavior Based Competency Scale
  • Performance Contract - Application Examples
  • Things to Do in Performance Management Process
    • Employee Tasks
    • Evaluated Responsibilities
    • Evaluator's Responsibilities
    • Approver's Responsibilities
    • Responsibilities of Authorized Business Units
  • Performance Evaluation Interviews
    • Purpose and Scope
    • Method and Finalization
  • Problems in the Performance Evaluation Process and Appeals
  • Potential Evaluation and Development Plan

*The Third Day of the Education (1 week later)

  • Application Examples from Industry
  • Interactive Learning with Cases
organizational development

Who can participate?

Those who want to learn performance management system applications based on the theoretical basis, benefiting from real life examples.

Certificate Requirements

Participants who achieve 80% attendance level and a level of understanding/ knowing/ applying will be certified by AA Kurumsal Gelişim.


Trainings are provided by expert team of AA Kurumsal Gelişim.

Training Director

This training course is managed by AA Kurumsal Gelişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. All Rights Reserved.

Training Duration

Training will be held on Friday and Saturday between 09:00 - 17:00. The three-day program lectured in 3 levels consists of 18 hours (12 days) of training in total.

Program Quota

12 - 16 people are allowed to be registered for Performance Management Training.