Success in Business Process Management and Supervision

organizational development

Current questions to be answered for determining an enterprise’s present success about competitive power;

  • How do they determine?
  • How do they decide the order of priority? What do they take into account?
  • To what extent do they correlate in a flexible, trustworthy and effective way?

Guaranteeing the long-term competitive power can merely be possible by enhancing the processes which include value creating activities. The ways and opportunities to enhance the processes are found in process organization and management. Process is integration of tools and operations which are interrelated and interactive with each other and transform inputs into outputs.

In our process organization and management works:

  • Processes are studied, separated and defined systematically (Process Analysis),
  • Processes are evaluated according to their strengths and weaknesses (Process Evaluation),
  • Processes are formed according to enterprise objectives (Process Adjustment),
  • Processes are executed and developed safely and coherently (Process Management).

The aims of our process organization and management works are categorized as follows:

  • Reducing work transition time,
  • Increasing efficiency,
  • Improving quality,
  • Decreasing costs,
  • Working in a people oriented way.

We are conducting the works of determining, improving, enhancing, standardizing and accelerating the enterprise processes systematically and methodically.

Our Success in Process Modules

  • Process Analysis and Adjustment
  • Process Data Management
  • Process and Unit Cost Analysis
  • Improvement in the Process Costs
  • Restructuring Organizations and Permanent Staff Management
  • Evaluation of Process Efficiency
  • Job Evaluation and Payroll Management
  • Arranging the Work Environment Ergonomically
  • Workforce Performance Management
organizational development