Organizational Development of Family Companies

organizational development

For the executives of family companies, companies are like their children; just like how children are born and raised, family members also want the same prayer for their companies. But family companies expand after a while, and early practices, the initially adopted management style fail to satisfy requirements. Based on studies, we know that companies are not as profitable and long-lasting as they were in the past. Therefore, the company's, namely “child's“perpetuity is now the main concern.

Since family members are employed in family businesses, they take decisions very quickly, and family-owned businesses grow fast and start to make good profits in a short time. It is important to be involved in the job and come up through the ranks; but in any case, it is not enough for persistence. Persistence is a requirement that family companies should be aware before it is late.

The founders of the company may worry about the future of the company they have established. Particularly, they may worry about competences of their successors. We see the second or third generation managers fail to sustain the existence of companies. Moreover, the potential conflicts between members of the family can substantially affect the management of the company if the founding leader of the company is absent for some reason and/or leave the management of the works other family members. It is seen in most family businesses that such a case may cause a decrease in performance and loss of reputation.

AA Kurumsal Gelişim has experience with respect to these problems and the company also knows the way to be followed for a long-lasting company and better performance. As AA Kurumsal Gelişim, we establish an end-to-end system that is in conformance with the company's culture in order to ensure continuity of family owned business. We ensure that your company continues as a high-performance, efficient and healthy company.

AA Kurumsal Gelişim adopts the culture where it will perform its activities and carries out its work in this framework. We can conduct necessary research with your company's managers, employees, family members who have an interest and relationship with your company and other institutions and individuals of your choice. With the introduction of the organizational development plan and programs that we propose, your company will have a more confident and sane perspective for future. You will witness the progress of your company with high performance.

So, what do we promise you?

  • A long-lasting company
  • Profitability
  • Continuous growth
  • Training prospect managers

The founders of family companies and their successors are contented when they see a healthy environment in their companies. In this context, we can examine whether there is a healthy environment within the company; we can provide the situation report and concrete proposals to the company owner / owners. Because we know that we have the power and competence to define the situation and problems of family companies, to analyze and to offer concrete recommendations. In this context;

  1. Your company culture,
  2. Your business processes,
  3. Your administrator and employee status,
  4. Your ability to work as a team,
  5. The quality of your business life,
  6. Your ability of adaptation to your company's internal and / or external change dynamics,
  7. Your performance as a company,
  8. Your business results,
  9. Your abilities and competences can be analyzed by us and thus we can present a special report for your company. We would like you to know that we are at your disposal for your consultancy and training needs in line with your requests.

AA Kurumsal Gelişim attaches as much importance and care as you do.

As the people of this country, we know our local cultural structure well. Because we are one of you,

organizational development