organizational development

AA Kurumsal Gelişim creates special management systems for transition/changes of companies, implements and monitors them. It manages the processes of achieving business goals through individual-team-institution performance for different scaled companies and sectors.

AA Kurumsal Gelişim uses its years of knowledge and experience as a stakeholder in many organizational development and employee development projects in which it has served as expert, key user, mid-level manager or project manager.

In order to create healthy organizational development and growth environments, we provide private and public sector organizations with tailor-made design solutions that are integrated into the fields of business process preparation, simplification and improvement, performance management, teamwork and organizational development, corporate culture and learning.

Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası Türk Joint-Stock Company – Corporate Development and Growth Process Management and Employee Development (June 2017 – July 2019)

We can summarize our work together with VakıfBank employees as follows:

  • Determining the processes of Organizational Development and Growth, systematic configuration, implementation and monitoring their operability
  • Organizational structuring and preparing and updating task definitions of departments/units
  • To determine technical and behavioural-based competencies, including data processing employees, to prepare guidelines and to ensure continuity by improving their measurement
  • Structuring, implementing and monitoring the strategic and operational performance management process; identifying, implementing and monitoring strategic dimensions, objectives, targets and associated business objectives
  • Structuring and implementing education and development management system
  • Preparation and implementation of behavioural and technical knowledge/skills-based awareness and development programs, sample applications and cases to eliminate competency gaps with Corporate Academy Internal Instructors
  • Making case analysis in” VakıfBank Vakademi " workshops specially structured for internal trainers within the framework of team and organizational development areas and development plans
  • Preparing the infrastructure for the need for new human resources software, making and implementing the necessary guidance, making it operational for the production of a fully domestic and integrated HR software
  • Creating a healthy environment in terms of organizational development continuity
organizational development
organizational development

Güneş Sigorta A.Ş. - Organizational Development and Growth Process Management and Employee Development (September 2018 – July 2019)

We can summarize our work together with Güneş Sigorta employees as follows:

  • Identifying, systematically structuring and monitoring the processes of Organizational Development and Growth
  • Structuring, implementing and monitoring the strategic and operational performance management process
  • Identifying and explaining behavioural-based competencies in the separation of roles and preparation guidelines
  • Organizational structuring and preparing and updating task definitions of departments/units
  • Centralization of the technical approval mechanism to ensure operational productivity
  • Determining and implementing channel-based strategy in point of a marketing perspective
  • Process analysis to ensure removal, update, digitisation of old and non-working processes and to adapt them to the new structure
  • Controlling internal control mechanism by reducing on-site surveillance and control studies to process level
  • Shortening the damage approval processes and making studies for customer satisfaction
  • Starting and implementing product development activities for different target audiences
  • Restructuring all Güneş Sigorta policies in terms of content and visuals
  • Structuring "Strategic Guidance and Monitoring Meetings" with VakıfBank, monitoring implementation and providing significant productivity gains

GÜBRETAŞ – Gübre Fabrikaları Türk Anonim Şirketi (June 2015 - October 2016)

Restructuring Training and Development Processes and effect and improvement areas for organizational development management services;

  • Organizational development and growth awareness studies
  • To define a case in employee development, analyze and make realistic suggestions about it,
  • Case preparation for use in training and development programs
  • Creating the communication infrastructure of the manager profiling and mentoring / coaching programs
  • Orientation program design and implementation
  • Identifying training needs and creating action plans
  • Identifying training and development program priorities and preparing training budget
  • Training and development process documents
  • Plant nutrition and plant protection development program and its applications in seven regions
  • Development of the instructor and subject matter experts and preliminary works for implementation process
organizational development
organizational development

NUH Çimento Sanayi A.Ş. - NUH Beton A.Ş. (January 2014 - June 2018)

The basic studies conducted within the scope of Organizational Development and Growth Process Management and Employee Development Services are summarized below;

  • "Resource - Process - Product" Oriented and Value Added Projects
  • Machinery Maintenance Directorate, Clinker Production Directorate and Port Management Reorganization and Permanent Staff Formation
  • NUH BETON Cost Analysis and Cost Comparison
  • NUH BETON Permanent Staff Formation
  • Job Descriptions for Department and Units; Preparing / Writing Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities
  • Qualitative Assessment Tables for Business Areas; Relevant Trainings and Career Planning
  • Determining, Improving and Simplifying Business Processes
  • Strategic HR Performance Management; Organizational Development; Coaching and Mentoring Activities
  • Orientation Design and Application / Employee Development Programs / Suggestion and Reward Management
  • Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance and Supply Chain Management / Purchasing Process Formation
  • IT / SAP System Users - SAP Version Update
  • SAP HR Main Data Sorting and Management Reporting
  • HR / All employees - SAP HR Permission and Training Module Adaptation
  • Financial Planning / Finance and Accounting - SAP TRM Financial Management Improvement
  • Manufacturing / Accounting / Sales / Reporting - SAP MM Stock Management, Material Master Data Structure Improvement / SAP PP Production Module Customization / SAP CO-PC Product Cost Model Renewal
  • Sales / Foreign Trade / Accounting - SAP Port Tracking Application
  • IT / Accounting / Production - SAP Weighing Integration Adoption
  • Sales / Financial Accounting / Reporting - SAP Sales / Collection Matching
  • Preparing and Updating Legislation; Reporting Design and Reporting Applications
  • Internal Audit Studies and Reporting

İGSAŞ - İstanbul Gübre Sanayii A.Ş. (March 2018 - June 2018)

In order to increase efficiency, to provide cost gains and controllability, we have carried out studies on the following subjects.

  • Applied Job Analysis and Permanent Staff training (two separate training sessions for two separate groups in the Körfez and Kütahya plants); A two-day workshop on Organizational Development and Growth was completed with the participation of management staff.
  • With respect to blue-and-white collar employees, at least one person was interviewed face-to-face for each relevant staff title. Work analysis forms were mutually filled out and 211 work analysis form were provided for evaluation.
  • On-site information is gathered about İGSAŞ's production processes. Face-to-face interviews were made with each and every manager currently listed on organizational structure. İGSAŞ central and provincial organization structure was revised by making use of the data obtained from the interviews. Short tasks were defined. Assignment proposals were created to carry the transformation and change into the future. The superstructure work required for efficiency and cost management was completed.
organizational development
kurumsal gelişim

LC WAIKIKI (February 2013 - November 2013)

Restructuring Training and Development Processes and effect and improvement areas for organizational development management services;

  • Instructional workshops (or guiding practices) in LC Waikiki Organizational Academy configuration
  • Creating an internal instructor pool which consists of LC Waikiki Academy employees and the relevant expert staff of the business units, who have successfully passed the Internal Trainer Selection Process
  • Extensification of coeducation and development activities by using educational technologies effectively
  • Comprehensive and end-to-end orientation programs
  • Applications that will make a difference benefiting from original technical knowledge and skills training programs by combining academic knowledge and experiences in business life.
  • To design training and development that complement and follow each other and to measure the contribution of these programs measurement and evaluation tools,
  • Organizational development sustainability by ensuring that all employees take responsibility for learning and development
  • Reduction in work completion time and probability of error
  • Increased productivity in resource management

TÜRK TELEKOM A.Ş. – Directorship of TT Academy (January 2007 - January 2013)

We find it appropriate to list two important projects of many organizational projects to which our founder Dr. Ayhan ARTAR has contributed in strategical and operational terms.

  • Establishment of peer-to-peer performance management system within Türk Telekom, transfer to related unit for post-approval implementation
  • Preparing the behavior-based competencies of Türk Telekom employees and using it as a guide in career development
  • Providing the transition from Training and Development unit to Strategic Business Partner Structure
  • Contributing to the development of personal, professional and technical staff of Türk Telekom Group
  • Design, monitoring, improvement, reporting and process-based auditing activities for training and development management processes in accordance with the efficiency principles in coordination with the company processes.
  • System-based training and development services within the framework of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Managing projects and activities for training and development management, such as training needs analysis, planning, implementation, monitoring, measurement and evaluation activities
  • Monitoring and regular reporting of training processes and activities through Training Management System.
  • Conducting a structured training and development management process in Türk Telekom Group and performing standard training service contract management covering all group companies, providing cost and competitive advantage
  • Centralization, management and configuration of training revenue and expense management as a separate budget control item
  • Designing main processes related to training and development activities with TT Academy Process Project
  • Certification of employees by independent organizations active in national / international areas for the management of intellectual assets
  • Establishment, implementation and resource saving for TT Academy Internal Trainer Management System
  • Measuring employee satisfaction and creating action plans according to the results
  • Designing an Orientation program for recent employees to introduce the company structure, values, identity and workflow of Türk Telekom
  • Measuring development through studies on measuring the internal efficiency and return of trainings
organizational development
organizational development

TÜRKİYE HALK BANKASI – Organization Department (July 2001-January 2005)

We find it appropriate to list two important projects of many organizational projects to which our founder Dr. Ayhan ARTAR has contributed in strategical and operational terms.

  • Establishment and organization of Organization Department
  • Determination and preparation of duties and authorities of General Directorate units and branches
  • Determining the organization of General Directorate and branches and permanent staff studies
  • Türkiye Halk Bankası and Emlak Bankası branch rationalization (writing branch opening / closing / merging processes and their performance)
  • Identifying branch performance indicators, creating performance measurement method, and updating branch scaling studies
  • Collecting data for job and duty descriptions and analyzing work processes, reorganizing them, identifying workflows,
  • Creating functional and ergonomic layout plans of branches and developing branch concept
  • Studies on monitoring the legislation in the information processing environment
  • Updating preprinted forms and ensure its use
  • Preparing, updating and announcing service standards
  • Combining and simplifying the tables and sheet used in General Directorate and branches
  • Transition to pay desk practice in branches
  • Serving as a Project Coordinator in Pamukbank's review and evaluation project
  • Establishing the project timeline and providing the appropriate information and documents along with Pamukbank's review areas and the list of information and documents to be requested
  • Examining the reports prepared by the working groups as a result of the Pamukbank review and creating the relevant findings and submitting them to the senior management.
  • Developing SWOT analysis, evaluation and recommendations in line with project findings of Pamukbank review
  • Implementation of interim targets for Halk Bank and Pamukbank merger and timetable for these targets
  • Studies for determining bank's post-merger vision, mission, general objectives and strategies
  • Creating "Merger Project Team" for functional organization in merger process and serving as Project Coordinator for project team,
  • Within the scope of the Merger Project, making regular meeting with participation of responsible peoples, and constant supervision and guidance for ensuring a dedicated execution of the works by sub project teams in line with project plans,
  • Contributing to the successful completion of the transformation as of 11.2004 by guiding the merger system transformation studies within the project team discipline
  • Supporting and coordinating organizational development activities carried out during Halk Bankası's reorganization process

TAZE KURU Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (January 2017 - May 2017)

  • Work analysis studies were completed for reorganization studies in Kızılcahamam - Ankara - Istanbul.
  • In the framework of the organizational reorganization, organization design and job definitions for unit/department were created.
  • Comprehensive behavior-based competencies, duties and responsibilities were prepared for managers and they were submitted to the senior management.
  • New format and form designs were put into practice. Meeting management support was provided.
  • Main process drawing was completed. Sub process drawings were started. The how of product process design was taught to the relevant unit's members. Product process drawings will be completed on-site.
  • The performance indicators of the directorates (KPI's) were determined in terms of functionality. It was submitted to the top management for implementation and follow-up.
organizational development
organizational development

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (March 2015 - June 2015)

Within the framework of the protocol signed between Yıldız Technical University and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Environmental Impact Assessment, the General Directorate of Permit and Inspection and the General Directorate of Environmental Management have provided system-oriented strategic contribution and operational support to the research, development and improvement project in business processes by means of national and international application experience. In this context;

  • The problems identified as a result of the work analysis studies conducted at the General Directorate of EIA Permit and Inspection and the General Directorate of Environmental Management, their results, causes and root causes are shown in a problem tree scheme.
  • Suggested solutions for problems are shown with solution tree scheme.
  • In the data flow charts, the workflows to be emphasized, which are particularly relevant to the issues specified in the problem / solution tree schemes, are highlighted. Things to do for business process efficiency were prepared in the form of suggestions.
  • It is suggested that all management units under head of department should be transformed to work management units, referred to as the work they perform.
  • Efforts are made so that transition to a management structure in which the positions as required by the work are emphasized instead of title is achieved, and also studies related to business functions, size of the business and importance level of business are performed.
  • The duties, powers and responsibilities of the departments and units related to the existing and proposed organization were prepared.

TOZLU Giyim (June 2015 - November 2015)

The transition from reactive action to preventive and precautionary structuring is devised. Process analysis, restructuring and management services were presented in the context of Organizational Development. Studies were made for the following points.

  • Current Situation Analysis and Reorganization Proposal
  • Preparation of Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities, marking off each.
  • Business Process Organization and Process Improvement Suggestions
  • Marketing / Sales Meetings Design, Implementation, Planning and Management
  • Organizational Development Guidance Action Reports
organizational development
organizational development

TOSB -Studies for Technology University (December 2013 - April 2014)

  • Mission, Vision and Values Study
  • Sub-strategic goals and objectives associated with strategic key objectives
  • Strengths and weaknesses; opportunities and threats (SWOT Study)
  • Visits to universities and a comparison report including 30 universities selected for SWOT analysis.
  • To analyze universities with worldwide competences and make comparisons
  • Comprehensive feasibility study, assessments and suggestions